Loved By Littlies

What our customers are saying: 

'My daughter Frances goes crazy for Tiny Foragers. She especially loves the meatballs and strawberry crumble. What makes it even better is knowing their meals are low in salt and sugar and have all the good stuff she needs. They are quick and easy to heat and we swear by them'. Lauren

'One of my biggest concerns about returning to work after having our son, was how I was going to find the time to cook healthy food that he would enjoy. Tiny Foragers was the perfect solution offering food that is nourishing and tasty, without any nasties or unknown ingredients. It gave me one less thing to worry about during the week and now I always make sure I have some in the freezer! He loooved the potato, courgette and pea purée when he first started on solids. He’s now eating the toddler meals and his favourite is the meatballs'. Amy


'Hi Tiny Foragers, you guys are lifesavers in the evenings for mealtimes'. Nick 

'As a Mum of 4 its very full on and busy in our house after school. Having Tiny Foragers meals in the freezer ready to heat for my little one was a lifesaver on days when we were running late with dinner. I found Tiny Foragers provided delicious home cooked meals which are easy for little ones to eat. Each meal choice has two individually packaged portions so they are great value and are full of wholesome ingredients and lots of flavour. I would definitely recommend them to friends and will be purchasing more of our favourites to keep on hand for our crazy days !!' Brooke